Blackjack strategy

Welcome to our Blackjack strategy guide section, the most crucial stage of all of our interactions when it comes to performing different strategies for black jack online. There's a lot of information here, but don't feel overwhelmed. You'll basically have to address a couple of things before getting started.

Before entering the strategies for blackjack, you must know what kind of blackjack you're looking at. First, read the information about the game to know how many decks in blackjack are used when shuffling the cards. Most software developers include this information. Then, find out if the dealer is allowed to hit on soft 17's.

Strategies for black jack

You're about to be ready to go online on live casinos, or play the famous versions of the game by NetEnt, Playtech, RealTime Gaming, or other software developers from your desktop or mobile. Once you have digested the following information, proceed to engage the corresponding approach.

Single deck blackjack strategy - Soft 17 and Hard 17

The terms under which this approach works are: being allowed to double down on any combination of two cards, doubling down after splitting is also allowed, and surrender is not an option. The dealer is NOT authorised to hit on any 17 (The S17 rule). By following these rules, and applying the following blackjack charts, the single deck blackjack odds represents an astonishing -0.15%.

Single deck blackjack strategy - Soft 17 and Hard 17 photo 1

Now, when every rule remains the same, but the dealer is allowed to hit on a soft 17 (The H17 rule). In that case, and by applying the following blackjack hit stay chart, the house edge rises a bit and reaches a positive +0.04%. It's very similar to our previous guide.

Single deck blackjack strategy - Soft 17 and Hard 17 photo 2

Double deck blackjack strategy - Soft 17 and Hard 17

Now, let's say conditions are the same, two decks are now being used to deal the cards, and the dealer must stay at 17, no matter if it's soft or hard. When we're applying our blackjack perfect strategy under these conditions, and we apply our 2 deck black strategy, the house advantage is +0.20%. Not bad at all. Here's the chart.

Double deck blackjack strategy - Soft 17 and Hard 17 photo 1

But, when the house is allowed to ask for an extra card when the dealer hits a soft 17, the double deck blackjack odds will favour them with a +0.40%. Those are the 2 deck blackjack strategy odds.

Double deck blackjack strategy - Soft 17 and Hard 17 photo 2

4 deck blackjack strategy - Soft 17 and Hard 17

Keeping track of the online casino rules: the terms under which this tactic would work are: double down on any two cards is permitted, and also after splitting. Surrender is not an option, and the dealer restrains from asking for an extra card when they got any 17s. When we use this blackjack winning strategy, chances favour the house only in +0.38%.

4 deck blackjack strategy - Soft 17 and Hard 17 photo 1

When the house is allowed to deal an extra card when the croupier hits a soft 17, their odds will increase up to +0.59%. That's everything you need to know about this blackjack simple strategy chart, and it pretty much tells us when not to hit in blackjack. Remember to fully follow our strategies for black jack to make sure they work.

4 deck blackjack strategy - Soft 17 and Hard 17 photo 2

A lot of professionals also use these charts as their blackjack strategy 6 deck, and 8 deck blackjack strategy, but consider that more decks always favour the house's edge. Take a look at the following advanced blackjack strategy details to better understand the importance of the number of decks, in case you already haven't.

The game of Blackjack Switch

If you're into trying different things, you will find this variation fascinating. The blackjack switch odds are +0.58%, considering an optimal scheme is being used, like the one we're going to share with you. This is not considered a blackjack cheat sheet but just a reference. It's a good thing no one can see what we're doing from our living-room!

The game of Blackjack Switch

Multi-deck blackjack strategy chart

This chart is designed for games that allow doubling down after splitting, doubling down on any pair, and 6 decks of cards; this is one of many blackjack odds charts and will come in very handy when you're facing this challenge. Odds are around +0.66% in favour of the house.

Multi-deck blackjack strategy chart

How to count cards in blackjack

Ok, Now you're getting too serious! Blackjack card counting is probably the only way to beat a casino's edge. It's not illegal in the United Kingdom to employ a card counting strategy, but casinos are always on the look for people who have mastered the art for obvious reasons.

What is card counting in blackjack? Some would say it's an art. We agree that it takes a lot of ability and focus on being able to trust your memory and train so well you're ready to predict the outcome of the cards and doing it discreetly. Yes, we do agree on the art part.

How to count cards blackjack

There are plenty of blackjack counting systems out there. Many people even take advantage of some enthusiastic players and profit on their idea of a new hobby. But we're here to help. We're going to share this widely celebrated system with you

There are some activities you must master to take advantage of the casinos using this technique. First, you'll have to learn the basic strategy of blackjack, which is posted here.

How to count cards blackjack

It's good because you have already practised with our previous charts. Secondly, you'll have to assign a value to the cards, and we suggest you use the Hi-Lo method. 2 to 6 cards are worth +1, 7, 8, and 9 are worth 0, and the rest are worth +1, including the Ace.

Good! We're halfway through on how to count blackjack cards simple right? Now, you're just going to score each one the croupier deals while betting the minimum and using the basic strategy to handle those bets. You'll be paying to count the cards while you gather enough relevant information.

Previous to the game, you must have set your bankroll and your betting unit. We recommend you start with the minimum and keep a bankroll of 1000 betting units. That way, your chances of losing everything are under 1% by using the system correctly.

The next step will be to use the information. Divide your actual count by the number of decks, and bet accordingly. Remember to practice online for free before trying anything with real money!


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